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  Welcome To The Education Resource!

May 2012

Seattle World’s Fair Resources for Educators, Students, and Families!

On April 21, 2012, the highly anticipated and tightly orchestrated six-month celebration of the 50th anniversary of the 1962 Seattle World’s Fair (The Next Fifty) was officially launched. Educational resources and relevant Social Studies activities that introduce the World’s Fair to Washington state students, families, and teachers -- both in and out of the classroom -- continue to be developed.

CURRICULUM: The Imagine curriculum was developed by a team of educators from HistoryLink.org, KCTS 9, National Archives and Records Administration, The Seattle Times Newspaper In Education, and Seattle and Bellevue Public Schools --  as a project of The Next Fifty.  Students of all ages are challenged to use the past as a tool to understand the present and imagine the future. Last week, this curriculum received the prestigious Heritage Education Award from the Association of King County Historical Organizations (AKCHO). This award acknowledges the promotion of King County heritage in the classroom by the innovative incorporation of local history into the curriculum.

In the past several weeks, the curriculum has been updated to align with suggestions from teachers who are using the curriculum in their classroom. In addition, links to additional oral history videos and a 2012 digital version of a 1962 scrapbook (originally compiled by a high school student visiting the Fair) were added. Last fall, The Seattle Times Newspapers In Education team designed a two-page color pullout featuring fun facts and abbreviated classroom activities based on the Imagine curriculum. This pullout is available online on the NIE website.

The Imagine curriculum team will be sharing techniques for using this educational resource and in establishing positive and successful team collaborations at these upcoming history and education conferences (all being held in Seattle):

The HistoryLink.org Education Team is willing to come to your classroom to assist in introducing and implementing units from the curriculum -- contact us at education@historylink.org.

HISTORYLINK.ORG: There are currently 75 essays that are identified when the search words “century 21” are entered -- and new essays are added each week.

KCTS 9: Look for 50 Years: Seattle World’s Fair on the KCTS 9 website for unique new resources including  Stories from the Fair: Women of Century 21, World’s Fair Archives: Music and Video from the Fair, Postcards from the Fair, and Music of Art and Toni Mineo for the Seattle World’s Fair.

The KCTS 9 documentary,   When Seattle Invented the Future, which brings the sights and sounds of the Fair-era to life, is now available at the Channel 9 online store. Encourage your local PTSA group to purchase a copy of this documentary (through KCTS 9 ) as well as a copy of The Future Remembered (through Seattle Center Foundation) for your school library.

EXHIBITS: The Future Remembered, an exhibit showcasing selections from MOHAI’s collection of Century 21 artifacts and photographs, is now on display at the International Fountain Pavilion at the Seattle Center. The exhibit was produced by MOHAI and curated by Paula Becker and Alan Stein of HistoryLink with support from the Seattle Center Foundation. The Future Remembered is one of a series of three complementary exhibits (called Celebrating Century 21) that explore Seattle’s 1962 World’s Fair and its impact on the Seattle of today. Many local museums -- such as the Greater Kent Historical Museum -- will be featuring the World’s Fair in their current or upcoming exhibits. So be sure to check around for a venue closer to home or school.

WALKING TOURS of the Seattle Center: Tours of the Seattle Center campus highlighting the cultural, architectural, and historical legacies of the 1962 World’s Fair will be led by expert guides from MOHAI and the Seattle Architecture Foundation. These 90-minute tours will be offered once a week from April 26 to October 20. Tickets cost $5 and may be purchased online or in person on the day of the tour. If you are interested in taking a class of students on one of these professional tours, you should call ahead as tickets are subject to availability. A shorter version of a walking tour is included in the Imagine curriculum as Appendix 2 -- and may be more appropriate for younger students.

JACK STRAW PRODUCTIONS: Meet Me at the Fair consists of eight radio segments produced by Jack Straw and Denny International Middle School featuring former World’s Fair staff and visitors. These audio shorts will be broadcast on the radio station KBCS-FM during the week of May 21-25 -- or they can be downloaded from the Jack Straw website.

Jack Straw has also partnered with The Seattle Center Foundation to produce a self-guided audio tour which is now available to visitors during the Next Fifty festivities. This audio tour can be downloaded  --  as a cell phone tour or as a MP3 file -- from the Next Fifty, 4Culture, and Jack Straw websites. This is another self-guided tour option for your class.

SLIDE SHOW PRESENTATIONS by authors of The Future Remembered: Alan Stein and Paula Becker have been touring the state making presentations about the Seattle World’s Fair in community centers, libraries, and schools. If you are interested in having Alan or Paula visit your class, contact them at info@historylink.org. They recently visited a school in Issaquah where the classroom teacher, as a young girl, had been the 9,000,000th visitor at the Seattle World’s Fair. Here are some charming excerpts from letters they received from students after their presentation.

  • “Thank you for coming to our classroom to teach us about the Seattle World’s Fair…I liked hearing about the computer that only multiplied, divided, added, subtracted, and printed out famous sayings, while it was gigantic”! Ashley
  • “I learned that the Sky Ride is now at the Puyallup Fairgrounds. Next, I learned that the Bubbleator is now on the side of a guy’s house!” Douglas
  • “I can’t believe people tasted pizza for the first time at the Fair and thought it was a once in a lifetime experience!”  Vianney
  • “Now every time I go to Seattle, I look out the window. You have made Seattle more interesting.” Brooks
  • “I told my Mom and Dad all about the details of the Space Needle when I got home. I thought all the things you showed the class were REALLY awesome.” Nicole
  • “I thought the colors of the Space Needle were pretty “out of this world crazy!” One time I built a model airplane with my grandfather during the summer. It took two weeks but it was worth it because when we flew it -- boy did it take off! Maybe someday I can recreate the Space Needle.” Charlie
  • “The most important thing I learned was that ALOT has happened since 1962.” Mara

KEEPING UP with new projects, events, and programs: Check MOHAI’s schedule of events and Next Fifty’s website for more Century 21 events and programs from now through October 2012. MOHAI also offers a history trunk that allows students to explore the World’s Fair through a selection of artifacts and activities, and an online curriculum.

Image: Schedule of Events for the Seattle World's Fair, March 1962. Courtesy Museum of History & Industry.  

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