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Seattle Landmarks: Chelsea Apartments (1907)

Address: 620 W Olympic Place, Seattle. With the completion of the street car line to Queen Anne Hill, the neighborhood became a popular residential area. Charles Russell Collins was general manager of...

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Seattle Landmarks: Church of the Immaculate Conception (1904)

Address: 820 18th Avenue, Seattle. The Church of the Immaculate Conception, built in 1904, is the oldest standing Catholic Church in Seattle. Jesuit priests founded the Church and School of the Immacu...

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Seattle Landmarks: Concord Elementary School (1914), South Park

Address: 723 South Concord Street, Seattle. Concord School is the third public elementary school for South Park since 1892. Once a community of Italian and Japanese farmers, South Park is hemmed in by...

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Seattle Landmarks: Del a Mar Apartments (1909)

Address: 115 W Olympic Place, Seattle. Seattle real estate developer George Kinnear built this four-story apartment building near his own home on Queen Anne Hill for friends and visitors to the Alaska...

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Seattle Landmarks: Dunlap Elementary School (1924)

Address: 8621 48th Avenue South, Seattle. Dunlap School honors Joseph Dunlap (d. 1893), the first white settler of Rainier Beach who built a home on the site in the 1870s.