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Williams, Walter B. (1921-2006)

Walter B. Williams, son of W. Walter Williams (1894-1983), not only assumed leadership of Seattle's Continental Mortgage from his father, continuing to grow and strengthen the firm through the 1990s, ...

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Wilson, T. A. (1921-1999)

T. A. Wilson, known to many simply as "T," was a small-town boy from the Midwest who eventually became president and CEO of The Boeing Company in Seattle. Although his tenure at the company's helm beg...

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Wood, William D. (1858-1917)

William D. Wood, an attorney, land speculator, electric trolley line president, and Seattle mayor, was a conspicuous figure in the business and political life of Seattle for more than a quarter centur...

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Woods, William P. (1907-1990)

William P. Woods was a civil engineer who worked his way up from pipefitter's helper to corporate leader in the natural gas industry. A native of Selma, Alabama, he was named president of the Washingt...

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