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Woman's Century Club (Seattle)

In 1891, a group of prominent Seattle women founded the Woman's Century Club, a club designed for the cultural and intellectual development of its members and for social service. The club's name refer...

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Woman's Christian Temperance Union, Western Washington

The main purpose of the Woman's Christian Temperance Union (WCTU) was to achieve prohibition of alcoholic beverages by law. The organization, which is still in existence, came into being in 1873 and 1...

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Women Airforce Service Pilots from Washington

During World War II, women aviators took on flying roles for the U.S. Army Air Force. As civilian pilots, they ferried aircraft, towed targets for aerial and ground antiaircraft fire, and flight-teste...

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Women of Northwest Rock: The First 50 Years (1957-2007)

The realm of rock 'n' roll (despite its many liberating attributes) is also, alas, a notoriously sexist one -- a place where males have always vastly outnumbered females as active players and where an...

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Women Painters of Washington

Women Painters of Washington (WPW) began as one of the earliest arts organizations in this region and remains among the very few statewide women's arts associations in the country. The group formed in...

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Women's Club Movement in Washington

A vigorous women's club movement began to sweep the nation in the mid-nineteenth century, enjoying a heyday from the 1890s through the 1920s. Washington state women were no exception to the wide enthu...

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Yee, Amy Woo (1922 -2000)

Amy Yee was a Seattle tennis star, a graceful and inspirational teacher who for 50 years brought the love of the sport to thousands of young people and adults in schools, parks, and private clubs. The...

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Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA) of Greater Seattle -- Part 3: Readjustment, 1930-1980

The period 1930 to 1980 brought several major challenges to the Young Men's Christian Association of Greater Seattle, from Depression to World War to the turmoil of the Sixties to the "Boeing Recessio...

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YWCA -- Seattle-King County/Snohomish County

In 1894, a group of women founded the YWCA to help "the working girl" toward self support. Today the work of the Seattle-King County-Snohomish County YWCA focuses on youth and childcare programs and o...

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