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Seattle Cemetery

The Seattle Cemetery, located at the present (1999) site of Denny Park north of downtown, was Seattle's first official municipal cemetery. The first burials in 1861 (?) were bodies removed from other ...

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Seattle's Denny Hotel Cemetery

Seattle's first cemetery was located on what became the grounds of the Denny Hotel, downtown at 2nd Avenue and Stewart Street. The first burial took place in 1853 and the last probably in 1860. About ...

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Wawawai -- Vanished Orchard Community of the Snake River

During the nineteenth and twentieth centuries Wawawai (rhymes with Hawaii), located in Whitman County, was at the center of one of the premier orchard regions in Washington state. The town was located...

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Whitehorn -- Thumbnail History

Whitehorn (Whatcom County) was home for more than half a century to a small but thriving community that was swept away when a large oil refinery opened on the site in 1971. In 2009, the Point Whitehor...

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