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San Juan Island Rabbit Tales

For several decades in the middle of the twentieth century, San Juan Island was virtually overrun with rabbits. A population of several thousand domestic rabbits released in 1934 from a failed breedin...

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Thank God It's Still Friday! -- The Story of Friday Harbor's Namesake

Many histories of the San Juan Islands and of Friday Harbor, the town on San Juan Island that is the county seat of San Juan County, report that the protected bay known as Friday Harbor (from which th...

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The Great Depression Years in San Juan County

No region of Washington was spared the crippling effects of the Great Depression that overshadowed the country in the 1930s, but the residents of San Juan County in Northwest Washington had some advan...

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Vashon Island's "Bike in the Tree"

In this People's History, Leigh Sheridan, HistoryLink's education intern, recounts her first encounter with Vashon Island's famous "Bike in the Tree." Her narrative focuses on how she learned more abo...

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Vashon-Maury Island -- Thumbnail History

Vashon-Maury Island is located in the middle of southern Puget Sound, midway between Seattle and Tacoma, but within the boundaries of King County. Its history parallels that of the rest of the county,...

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Warbass, Edward (1825-1906)

"A Pioneer of Three States -- Adventurer, Prospector, Miner, Trader, Explorer, Promoter, Soldier and Public Official," was how Edward Warbass was once described ("San Juan's Best Known Pioneer"). He c...

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World War I: The San Juan County Experience

Isolated in the far northwest of Washington state, San Juan, a county of islands located between Seattle and Vancouver, B.C., only slowly learned of the momentous events taking place half a world away...

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