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Seattle Repertory Theatre

Since its earliest decades, Seattle has been staging theatrical plays and other musical and dramatic entertainments. Plenty of theaters and their associated troupes have come and gone, but only one --...

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Seattle's Film Row and its Rendezvous Cafe and Jewel Box Theater

Seattle's Belltown neighborhood just north of downtown was home to the Northwest's Film Row even before the dawn of "talkies" in the late 1920s. Hollywood's major movie studios based regional distribu...

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Stroum, Samuel N. (1921-2001)

Samuel N. Stroum was a self-made businessman and philanthropist whose far-reaching generosity of time and resources forever enriched Seattle's health, educational, and religious institutions, and espe...

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Susan Edgerly remembers her father, Seattle motion picture exhibitor John G. von Herberg, and her Seattle childhood

Susan Edgerly is the youngest daughter of John G. von Herberg (1880-1947) and his third wife, M. E. Darling. Based in Seattle, von Herberg was a prominent motion picture exhibitor throughout the Pacif...

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Svoboda, Marie (1920-2012)

Marie Svoboda, Seattle’s pioneering grande dame of yoga, opened her Queen Anne studio in 1969. It was a bold move for one of the city's few leotard-clad women then offering yoga classes at community...

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Tacoma Playwrights' Unit of the Federal Theatre Project

Clarence Talbot, Seattle playwright and actor, and Guy Williams, state director of the Federal Theatre project, formed the Tacoma Playwrights' Unit of the Project in early 1936. The Federal Theatre Pr...

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The Seattle Repertory Theatre Affair by Douglas Q. Barnett

This recollection of the history of The Seattle Repertory Theatre was written by Douglas Q. Barnett (b. 1931), a theater person who witnessed first hand the trials and tribulations of The Rep in its e...

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Wiley, Hannah (b. 1950) and Chamber Dance Company

University of Washington professor Hannah Wiley founded Chamber Dance Company in 1990 as the mainstay of a new Master of Fine Arts degree in dance. Her plan was for MFA candidates -- all professional ...

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Wilson, August (1945-2005)

August Wilson was a two-time Pulitzer Prize winning playwright who lived the final 15 years of his life in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle. His 10-play cycle of dramas covered each decade of ...

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