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Wolf, Hazel (1898-2000)

Hazel Wolf was an environmental and social activist whose causes ranged from the rights of workers, women, and minorities to the protection of wilderness, wetlands, and wildlife. She was still a young...

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Woodland Park Zoo

Seattle's Woodland Park Zoo, now regarded as one of the nation's best, began with a small menagerie on Guy Phinney's sprawling Woodland Park estate between Phinney Ridge and Green Lake. In 1899, the C...

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Wright, Violet "Vim" Crane (1926-2003)

Vim Wright, as she preferred to be called, saw a lot in her 76 years. From an impoverished childhood in Istanbul, to society life in Baltimore with adoptive parents, to eventually becoming a primary p...

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WTO: History as it Happens -- A Video by Josh McNichols and Jerome Montalto.

This video by Josh McNichols and Jerome Montalto details's unexpected role in the 1999 WTO protests in Seattle, protests that were dubbed the "Battle of Seattle."

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