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Washington State Conference for Women, 1977

The Washington State Conference for Women, held in Ellensburg in July 1977, was an attempt to bring women together to talk about common problems and develop strategies for solving them. Instead, it be...

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Wenatchee Witch Hunt: Child Sex Abuse Trials in Douglas and Chelan Counties

The Central Washington communities of Wenatchee, in Chelan County, and East Wenatchee, across the Columbia River in Douglas County, got world attention in 1994 and 1995, when they found themselves in ...

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Wild Man of the Wynoochee

A year and a half after killing two teenage boys on Washington's Olympic Peninsula, and then disappearing into the deeply forested Wynoochee Valley (in southern Grays Harbor County), John Tornow -- a ...

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Woman's Century Club (Seattle)

In 1891, a group of prominent Seattle women founded the Woman's Century Club, a club designed for the cultural and intellectual development of its members and for social service. The club's name refer...

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Workmen's Circle, Seattle Branch

Eastern European Jews formed the Seattle branch of the Workmen's Circle in 1909. Known as the Arbeiter Ring in Yiddish, the Workmen's Circle was officially a socialist worker's organization but served...

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World War II Japanese American Internment -- Seattle/King County

The bombing of Pearl Harbor by Japan on December 7, 1941, set in motion a series of events and decisions that led to what has been called the worst violation of constitutional rights in American histo...

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WTO: webcam of protests and a slideshow of each day (November 30-December 3, 1999), Seattle

This file presents a portion of's webcam of WTO protests in Seattle (November 30-December 3, 1999) and a slideshow showing images from every day of that historic event. The webcam was ...

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Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA) of Greater Seattle -- Part 2: Expansion, 1900-1930

The Seattle Young Men's Christian Association experienced rapid growth between 1900 and 1930, taking on much of the shape it has today, with branches located throughout the city and a wide variety of ...

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Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA) of Greater Seattle -- Part 4: Renewal

The Young Men's Christian Association of Greater Seattle entered the 1970s as an organization that was, as Board President Joe O. Ellis put it in the 1970 Annual Report, "beset with problems, seeking ...

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