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Seattle Landmarks: William H. Thompson House (1894)

Address: 3119 S Day Street, Seattle. In 1894, Ernest A. MacKay built an 18-room mansion in the Mount Baker district. He chose a late Victorian Queen Anne design with a three-story octagonal tower, sca...

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Seattle Neighborhoods: Seattle Center -- Thumbnail History

The Seattle Center, located north of downtown at the foot of Queen Anne Hill, is a cultural and entertainment campus built in 1962 for the Seattle World's Fair. The World's Fair helped to transform Se...

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Sicks' Stadium (Seattle)

Sicks' Stadium, built in 1938, was a Seattle landmark for more than four decades. Located in Rainier Valley at the intersection of Rainier Avenue and McClelland Street, the baseball stadium was home t...

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Smith Tower (Seattle)

When Seattle's pyramid-capped Smith Tower officially opened on July 4, 1914, its greatest claim to fame was its 462-foot height. It was originally one of the tallest buildings in the country outside ...

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Space Needle (Seattle)

The Space Needle, a modernistic totem of the Seattle World's Fair, was conceived by Eddie Carlson (1911-1990) as a doodle in 1959 and given form by architects John Graham Jr. (1908-1991), Victor Stein...

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Virginia V -- Last Mosquito Fleet Steamer

Built by Matthew Anderson on the beach at Maplewood, Pierce County, Virginia V was launched on March 9, 1922. She was the last of a line of working steamers all bearing the name "Virginia," owned and ...

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Washington Hall (Seattle)

Washington Hall, located at 153 14th Avenue in Seattle's Squire Park neighborhood, began its life as the headquarters of Lodge No. 29 of the Danish Brotherhood in America, a fraternal organization. Lo...

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Wawona -- Pacific Lumber and Codfishing Schooner

The schooner Wawona, launched at Fairhaven, California, in 1897, was the largest three-masted sailing schooner ever built in North America. For 17 years, the Wawona hauled lumber up and down the Pacif...

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Zodiac, Historic Schooner

Built in 1924 for the heirs to the Johnson & Johnson pharmaceuticals fortune, the two-masted schooner Zodiac has been based in Seattle since the early 1990s. She is the largest wooden sailing vess...

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