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Roberts, "Rockin' Robin" (1940-1967)

A founding father of Northwest rock 'n' roll, Tacoma's "Rockin' Robin" Roberts (1940-1967) initially sang with that town's trailblazing 1950s white rhythm & blues combo, the Blue Notes. But in mid-195...

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Robinson, Earl Hawley (1910-1991)

Seattle-born activist and musician Earl H. Robinson is remembered for writing some of the labor movement's most famous ballads, including "I Dreamed I Saw Joe Hill Last Night." Robinson attended West ...

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Strong, Anna Louise (1885-1970)

Anna Louise Strong remains one of the notable radicals in the history of the United States. During her Seattle years (1914-1921), she won her election as the lone woman on the School Board, only to be...

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