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South Park Bridge, Duwamish Waterway, King County, 1931-2010

From 1931 to 2010, the 1931 South Park Bridge, also known as the 14th Avenue South Bridge, spanned the Duwamish Waterway, linking the Seattle neighborhood of South Park with land in the City of Tukwil...

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Steamboat Rock State Park

With a surface area of 600 acres, Steamboat Rock is something more than a "rock." A massive basalt butte, several miles long and 800 feet high, it looms like a battleship above Banks Lake, a manmade r...

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The Railroad at Cedar Falls: Dorothy Graybael Scott's Story

This account of life at a Cedar Falls railroad camp (in east King County) was originally recorded on June 15, 1993 as a part of the Cedar River Watershed Oral History Project. Dorothy Graybael Scott m...

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Thomson, Reginald Heber (1856-1949)

Reginald Heber Thomson probably did more to change the face of Seattle than any one individual. During his exemplary career as city engineer and beyond, he leveled hills, straightened and dredged wate...

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Upper Skagit River Hydroelectric Project

Three Seattle City Light dams on the Upper Skagit River in the Cascade Mountains today (2000) produce 25 percent of the electrical power consumed in Seattle. (The dams are located in southeast Whatcom...

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Wawawai -- Vanished Orchard Community of the Snake River

During the nineteenth and twentieth centuries Wawawai (rhymes with Hawaii), located in Whitman County, was at the center of one of the premier orchard regions in Washington state. The town was located...

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Wenatchee Confluence State Park

Located at the confluence of the Wenatchee and Columbia rivers, in almost the exact center of Washington State, Wenatchee Confluence State Park is a study in dichotomies. The north side is a manicured...

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White River Valley (King County) -- Thumbnail History

Since the mid-nineteenth-century arrival of non-Indian settlers in the White River Valley (also known as the Green River Valley), the White and Green rivers have undergone many changes. Annual floods ...

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Working and Living at the Cedar River Watershed, 1916-1929

Randall E. Rydeen's (1906-1998) account of work and life at Cedar Falls was recorded on May 20, 1993 by Marian Arlin. The following is an excerpt from the Oral History Project of the Cedar River Water...

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