King County Historical Bibliography, Part 01: Agriculture

  • Posted 11/23/2004
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This bibliography on the history of agriculture in King County was prepared as a community history resource by staff of the former King County Office of Cultural Resources, now 4Culture (King County Cultural Development Authority). It was last updated in October 1999.

Historical Paper No. 9

King County Landmarks and Heritage Program, King County Office of Cultural Resources
506 Second Avenue, Suite 200, Seattle, WA 98104-2307 (206) 296-7580, 1-800-325-6165 V/TDD


The following bibliography is intended to provide a list of major references to the history of agricultural development and resources in King County. The limited scope of the present study does not include many references relating to:

  • Landmark nominations or historic resource inventory forms for agricultural properties
  • Technical manuals on agricultural topics
  • General histories of the region
  • Community and ethnic histories
  • Contemporary documents relating to the agricultural industry
  • Newspaper accounts of agricultural activities

All of the above categories of publications and documents contain relevant information that should be searched, but including them would have required a study many times the size of the present one. There is a considerable wealth of information in journals, newspapers and records series in public document repositories around the state and region. Published guides to archival resources relating to agriculture will be very helpful in conducting research in the field, and heritage organizations and agencies hold considerable collections of material relating to agricultural history. The Holland Library at Washington State University in Pullman has one of the better collections of agricultural history reference material to be found in the State. Major libraries, such as Seattle Public Library, the Washington State Library, Central Washington University Library and the University of Washington Libraries should be checked for journals such as Washington Dairyman and Farmer and other resources.

Papers in this series are maintained in electronic format. They are revised and updated periodically as new information becomes available.


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By Charles Payton

Revised 10/99

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