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Diablo Dam incline railway climbing Sourdough Mountain, 1930. Courtesy Seattle Municipal Archives, 2306.
Children waving to ferry, 1950. Courtesy Museum of History and Industry.
Loggers in the Northwest woods. Courtesy Washington State Digital Archives.

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A Walk Along the Shore

On November 15, 1805, the Lewis and Clark Expedition finally reached the Pacific Ocean. Four days later, Captain William Clark visited the future site of Long Beach and carved his name into a small pine tree. The tree is long gone, but a bronze sculpture near this oceanside resort community now marks his historic visit.

A Casualty of War

On November 19, 1856, Nisqually Chief Quiemuth was resting inside the Olympia home of Territorial Governor Isaac Stevens. Tired of war, Quiemuth had peacefully surrendered himself into custody soon after the capture of his half-brother Chief Leschi, and was awaiting transfer to Fort Steilacoom. Shortly before dawn he was shot and stabbed by an unknown assailant, and the murder remains unsolved.

Farming Goods Galore

On November 14, 1879, the Washington Territorial Legislature incorporated Goldendale, one year after Klickitat County residents voted to make the town the county seat. The first Klickitat County Fair was held near there in 1881.

Sinking Ship

On November 18, 1906, the Mosquito Fleet steamer SS Dix-- en route from Seattle to Port Blakely -- collided with the steam schooner SS Jeanie two miles north of Alki Point, killing 39 passengers and crew. It is the greatest maritime disaster ever recorded on Puget Sound.

Darkening Skies

As noted above, November is often a rainy month, but sometimes other weather can pack a wallop too. On November 18, 1946, more than a foot of snow fell in the Puget Sound region, causing all kinds of woe, including a cancelled homecoming concert by famed classical pianist Dorothy Eustis. And four years ago, on November 17, 2015, a massive windstorm struck Spokane and caused the largest power outage the region had ever seen.

Collapsing Cranes

On November 16, 2006, a 210-foot construction crane collapsed in Bellevue, killing a man in his top-floor apartment. Earlier this year, a similar tragedy occurred in Seattle when a 278-foot crane at a South Lake Union construction site fell into street traffic, killing two motorists and injuring four others. Two ironworkers also died in the collapse.

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Fifty years ago this week, on November 18, 1969, Seattle native Dick Gordon orbited the moon in the Apollo 12 command module.

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