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1999: WTO -- HistoryLink webcam of protests and a slideshow of each day (November 30-December 3), Seattle

This file presents a portion of's webcam of WTO protests in Seattle (November 30-December 3, 1999) and a slideshow showing images from every day of that historic event. The webcam was ...

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Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition, 1909 -- A Slideshow of Seattle's First World's Fair

This is a Slideshow on the Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition, Washington's first World's Fair, which opened on June 1, 1909, and closed on October 16, 1909. More than three million people visited the fa...

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Bartell Drugs: A Slideshow

From small beginnings as a single drug store on Seattle's Jackson Street in 1890, Bartell Drugs has grown to 58 stores serving the Puget Sound region in 2011. Its longevity has earned the company the ...

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Bicycle Tree at Snohomish (1890-1927) -- A Slideshow

This slideshow presents the vintage postcard collection of Peter Blecha on the enormous and curious "bike tree," located in Snohomish County within what is now Snohomish city limits. The slide show wa...

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Bridges of Washington State: A Slideshow Primer of Technology Through Time

In Washington, bridges are ubiquitous. As of August 4, 2010, there were 9,415 bridges on the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) inventory. These include all bridges 10 feet and long...

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Building Seattle -- A Slideshow History of Seattle's Capital Improvement Projects

This is a Slideshow photo essay on the history of Seattle's Capital Improvement Projects. Written By Walt Crowley and curated by Paul Dorpat, with Chris Goodman. Presented by Seattle City Councilmembe...

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Cedar River Education Center -- Slideshow

This slideshow documents the opening of the Cedar River Education Center, located in eastern King County on Rattlesnake Lake, on October 2, 2001. Written and photographed by Alan Stein and sponsored b...

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Chief Joseph Dam Bridge -- A Slideshow

This slideshow chronicles the history of the Chief Joseph Dam Bridge, a 308-foot-long highway bridge that carries Pearl Hill Road over Foster Creek ravine at Bridgeport in Douglas County. Its name com...

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Community Scrapbook: East Green Lake, 1888-1909

This is a scrapbook of photos on the east Green Lake neighborhood of Seattle from 1888-1909, with commentary by historian and photographer Paul Dorpat.

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Edgecomb Stump House: A Slideshow

This slide show presents the vintage postcard and stereoview card collection of Peter Blecha on the famous and curious Stump House located in Snohomish County within what is now Arlington city limits....

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Ferry Whistles on Puget Sound: A Slideshow

For more than a century, ferryboat captains on Puget Sound have used the distinctive docking signal made up of a long blast on the boat's whistle followed by two short ones. In maritime terms, this is...

Read More -- A Slideshow History of the First Years

This is a slideshow photo essay on the history of, the evolving online encyclopedia of Washington state history that you are here looking at. Written and Curated by Heather MacIntosh. ...

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