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Tacoma's Salishan Housing Project -- A Slideshow

This is a slideshow on the history of Tacoma's Salishan Housing Project, built during World War II to house shipyard workers and military families. This slide show tour was written and curated by Davi...

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Teamsters Local 174 in Seattle: A Slideshow

Since it was chartered in 1909, Local 174 of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters has grown to become one of greater Seattle's most important and influential unions. Its first members truly did ...

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The 1930 Manette Bridge: A Slideshow on its History and Technology

The 1930 Manette Bridge spanned the Port Washington Narrows and connected the Kitsap Peninsula city of Bremerton with Manette, a town annexed by Bremerton in 1918. The Manette Bridge was constructed i...

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The Life of a Tree: From Seed to Finished Product -- A Slideshow

This slideshow is based on the Washington Forest Protection Association's educational video, The Life of a Tree: From Seed to Finished Product. Written and curated by David Wilma.

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When Giants Walked Seattle: The 1912 Baseball Season -- A Slideshow

This slideshow was written by Russ Dille and curated by David S. Eskenazi All Images (c) 2001, David Eskenazi

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Wish You Were Here: Historic Postcards and Ephemera from around Washington

Take a vacation back to Washington as it was. The trip starts east of the mountains in Spokane ... Written and curated by Alan J. Stein; Produced by Alyssa Burrows. Postcards courtesy Alan J. Stein Co...

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