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Washington Hall (Seattle)

Washington Hall, located at 153 14th Avenue in Seattle's Squire Park neighborhood, began its life as the headquarters of Lodge No. 29 of the Danish Brotherhood in America, a fraternal organization. Lo...

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Wawona -- Pacific Lumber and Codfishing Schooner

The schooner Wawona, launched at Fairhaven, California, in 1897, was the largest three-masted sailing schooner ever built in North America. For 17 years, the Wawona hauled lumber up and down the Pacif...

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White Shield Home (Tacoma)

Founded in 1890 by pioneering woman doctors Eva St. Clair Osburn and Ella Fifield, White Shield Home was a maternity hospital for unwed mothers. Its first patient was an expectant girl found in labor ...

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Zodiac, Historic Schooner

Built in 1924 for the heirs to the Johnson & Johnson pharmaceuticals fortune, the two-masted schooner Zodiac has been based in Seattle since the early 1990s. She is the largest wooden sailing vess...

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